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It's time to hit the reset button and start a new tally for 2013. As of this post, ASHers produced 3495 gallons of beer in 2012 which is about 40 more gallons than we made in 2011. I'm sure we have batches that did not get logged, but that is still an outstanding effort by our members. With the brewing talent we have in the club, we can do even better. Can we hit 4000 gallons this year?  

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10 Gallons Session IPA

4019 + 10 = 4029

5g Red Chair NWPA clone

3g blackberry melomel


4029 + 8 = 4037

Don't we have to reset this now that we're in 2014?

Some people might be catching up on their final 2013 brews in this thread. John started the 2014 how many gallons brewed thread here:

Also, we exceeded our 2012 total by almost 500 gallons! Nice work. 

Yep, I was just finishing out my 2013 brews...

Jeremy Mitchell are these from 2013 or 2014?
I see the dates now. It's been a long day. Thr 're is a different thread for 2014.
Ha. Yeah, saw that. Moving it now. I'm a bit slow.

Brewed 10 gallons of a SMaSH Cream Ale on July 19th.

Ralph this is the thread for the 2013 totals.

Here is the thread for the 2014 totals.

OOPS!! Thank you. Disregard last post. Wrong year.

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