Arizona Society of Homebrewers

2010 ASH Board

What are the duties of the board members?

Responsibilities include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • President
    • Oversees all club events
    • Delegates jobs where he sees fit
    • Keeps the general meetings running
    • Writes a brief introduction in the newsletters
  • Vice President
    • Does everything the President can't
    • Makes sure there is a meeting place each month
    • Responsible for gathering raffle prizes
  • Secretary
    • Maintains the membership list
    • Distributes the membership cards
    • Takes meeting minutes
  • Treasurer
    • Is the primary owner and signature holder on the club bank accounts and debit card.
    • Manages and maintains the club bank accounts in good standing, including making deposits and payments.
    • Collects and disperses all club monies (cash/checks).
    • Keeps records of all club income and expenditures, including receipts.
    • Maintains limited cash-on-hand to make change for club meetings (raffle, t-shirt sales, etc.) and activities (Oktoberfest, beer festivals, etc.).
  • Editor
    • Assembles the monthly newsletter and emails it to the distribution list
    • Designs and prints event fliers and posters
    • Maintains the website

The board meets on the first Tuesday of each month to discuss club issues, plan the month's meeting agenda & events, get the newsletter ready, and to drink a few brews.

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