Arizona Society of Homebrewers

2012 ASH Board


What are the duties of the board members?

Responsibilities include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • President
    • Oversees all club events
    • Delegates jobs where he sees fit
    • Keeps the general meetings running
    • Writes a brief introduction in the newsletters
  • Vice President
    • Does everything the President can't
    • Makes sure there is a meeting place each month
    • Responsible for gathering raffle prizes
  • Secretary
    • Maintains the membership list
    • Distributes the membership cards
    • Takes meeting minutes
  • Treasurer
    • Is the primary owner and signature holder on the club bank accounts and debit card.
    • Manages and maintains the club bank accounts in good standing, including making deposits and payments.
    • Collects and disperses all club monies (cash/checks).
    • Keeps records of all club income and expenditures, including receipts.
    • Maintains limited cash-on-hand to make change for club meetings (raffle, t-shirt sales, etc.) and activities (Oktoberfest, beer festivals, etc.).
  • Communications Officer
    • Assembles the monthly newsletter and emails it to the distribution list
    • Designs and prints event fliers and posters
    • Maintains the website content
  • At-Large Officer(s)
    • The duties of the At-Large Board member are assigned by the President and voted on by the board.

The board meets on the first Tuesday of each month to discuss club issues, plan the month's meeting agenda plan vents, get the newsletter ready and to drink a few brews.

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