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Current Competition: MAY Homebrewer of the Year - English Ales

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For this HBOY competition, we are accepting BJCP Style Categories:

8 English Pale Ale (
11 English Brown Ale (

You may enter one beer per substyle. For example, you could enter both an English mild and an Northern English Brown, but you may not enter two English milds. Please do not enter Specialty, fruit, or spice/herb/vegetable versions of these English beers; we are only accepting the traditional styles for this competition.

After you fill out the online entry form, make sure you RUBBERBAND a bottle ID form to each bottle you enter. We are asking for TWO 12 ounce bottles for this competition. If you only submit one bottle, you may not be eligible for the Best of Show Round. Bottle ID form:

Entry deadline is May 20th at the ASH General Meeting. Entries may also be dropped off at BYOB Gilbert or Brewers Connection Tempe before they close on Saturday, May 17th.

Best of Show Prize: Brew day with Mother Road in Flagstaff!

HBOY Points: Gold = 6 points; Silver = 4 points; Bronze = 2 points

Only ASH Members can enter ASH HBOY Competitions!

2014 Competition Schedule: 

2014 ASH Homebrewer of the Year

The Homebrewer of the Year (HBOY) Competition is a combination of several member-only themed competitions held throughout the year and ASH's larger Springfest and Oktoberfest competitions in March and September. The HBOY goals are to encourage members to hone their skills by brewing to particular styles, to get feedback from other brewers and BJCP judges, to provide more local BJCP judging opportunities and to give everyone an excuse to brew more! 

Rules: To qualify for HBOY, brewers must enter at least one of the member-only competitions. HBOY entrants receive points for each gold, silver or bronze medal they win, with more points awarded for the smaller member-only competitions. The member with the most points at the end of the year is named ASH HBOY and announced at the Holiday Party.

To Enter: Entries must be registered online and dropped off at an ASH General Meeting or an approved drop-off location. Use the online program to print off Bottle Identification Forms and RUBBER BAND the form to each bottle you submit (DO NOT USE GLUE OR TAPE). Bottles should be blank with no identifying marks or labels other than the competition bottle ID form. For the member-only competitions, please submit 2 bottles per entry.

Judging: All entries will be judged using BJCP competition guidelines with at least one ranked BJCP judge scoring each beer. Score sheets are returned to all participants via email.


2014 HBOY Prize: Awesome Overall Prize TBA; Each HBOY mini-comp has it's own prize of a brew day with a commercial brewery. 


ASH Member-only Competitions (free entry – limit one entry per style)

Gold = 6 points; Silver = 4 points; Bronze = 2 points


May: English Ales

BJCP categories accepted: 8 English Pale Ale and 11 English Brown Ale

Due: May 20

Prize: Brew day with Mother Road! 

July: American Ales

BJCP categories accepted: 2C Classic America Pilsner;4A Dark American Lager;6D American Wheat or Rye Beer;10A American Pale Ale10B American Amber Ale;10C American Brown Ale14B American IPA

Due: July 15

Prize: Brew day with Professional Brewery TBA


November: Holiday/Winter Beers

BJCP categories accepted:19A Old Ale and 21B Christmas/Winter Specialty Spiced Beer

Due: Nov. 18

Prize: Brew day with Professional Brewery TBA


Springfest and Oktoberfest (see due dates above - $8 per entry)

Gold = 3 points, Silver = 2 points, Bronze = 1 point

All style categories for beer, cider and mead

Competition Committee 

Interested in volunteering to help judge, steward or coordinate ASH competitions consider joining the competition committee.

Competition Committee

2014 Springfest Comp info: 

  • Click to Register Online - Entry Deadline is March 7th!
  • Springfest Best of Show Prize: GABF Pro-Am with ASH Ninkasi Sponsor Four Peaks! Includes your ticket to GABF. Must be an AHA member to win the Pro-Am spot. 
  • All entries must be submitted using the online registration system, No Exceptions! Any entries submitted on paper forms will not be judged. Please Note: Entry fees are $8 and we are requesting 2 bottles per entry to allow queued judging flights.
  • 2014 Kolsch Kup Prize: Brew Your Kolsch with OHSO! We will still be holding the annual Kölsch Kup homebrew competition in remembrance of longtime ASH member Mark Helm's passing, but it will be partially incorporated into our Springfest Competition.  The Kölsch entries submitted at the Springfest Competition will be formally judged and scored then, but the best of show round will take place live at our Springfest gathering.  It will be informal, just like in years past.
    • Anyone who enters a Kölsch scoring above a certain cutoff number at the big competition will eligible for the Kup, though we encourage everyone to plan on bringing their Kölsch entries to Springfest regardless.  Like before, your beer must be in a keg or other non-glass container because glass is not allowed at the park. You should also bring two gallons or more so you can share.
    • The whole point of this particular competition is to encourage ASH members to brew and enjoy with other members the style of beer that Mark Helm loved the most.  Although that alone should be plenty of reason to enter, the prize is going to be brewing your Kölsch at OHSO.  How's that for incentive?

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