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2014 Board
Cider Lab Notes

Cider Recipes

Courtesy of Chris Banker

QUAFF, San Diego


5-gallon base

5 gallons apple juice

  • Almost any will work. Make sure it does not contain sulfates


  • ½ tsp Fermaid-K
  • ¼ tsp DAP (Diammonium Phosphate)


  • Wine yeast – can require longer aging
  • Cider yeast – can produce a lot of sulfer, low alcohol…

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2013 Board
ASHional Guard IPA Brew Series Winners

The IPA Brew series is sponsored by OHSO. The goal is to have ASHional Guard members brew at OHSO and then choose the best IPA for National IPA Day.

§  All six beers will be judged to determine the two best IPAs.

§  First place will get to brew 1.5 barrels of their winning IPA at OHSO and have the opportunity to brew a recipe of their own at a later date.

§  Second place will get to brew 1.5 barrels of their winning IPA at OHSO.

§  These beers will be served at…


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2013 Board
One of our friends is in need of your help. Please read.

Earlier this week, I was informed that ASH member, friend and beer champion, Dr David Conz is in the middle of a struggle to live. He is currently in critical condition and in ICU.

We don't have many details about how this came to pass. There will be time for that later. What we do know is that those close to him have asked for our prayers and positive thougths. Take a moment to reflect on your own lives and offer those that you love your warmth and affection.

The… Continue

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2013 Board
We Did It!

We are who we are, not because of our name, but for what we do.

We did it! 

We poured "hefferwizers".

We explained why there was no Miller Lite. We served the lightest beer, the darkest beer, the closest thing to another beer, the…


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Great AZ BBQ and Beerfest Tickets

Can anyone use the free pair of Great AZ BBQ and Beerfest Tickets for tomorrow?  I couldn't find anyone to give them to.  Please contact me at and reference the BBQ and Beerfest.

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Beer Collectibles Show on Saturday 2/2 at Pinnacle Peak Restaurant and Brewery $0 to attend!

You are all welcome to attend the Brewery Collectibles Club of America (BCCA) show which will be at the Pinnacle Peak Patio Restaurant and Brewery next Saturday 2/2 from 8 AM through 2 PM.  10426 E Jomax Road Scottsdale, AZ 85262

There is no cost to attend!  Tons of new and old beer collectibles for sale including:  signs, trays, glasses, openers, tap handles, coasters, beer cans, and everything else beer related you may be looking for (or did not know you need)…


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2013 Board
An Important Message About 2013 Membership

ASH Brothers and Sisters,

We are now Very shortly we'll be opening up our 2013 membership. Prior to that, there is an issue I need to inform you about.

Our operating costs have gone up over the last three years and our dues have not kept pace.  As a result, our dues for 2013 will be increased by $5 from $30 to $35. In addition, there will not…


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Job Opening for Odell

Because of our outstanding relationship with Oktoberfest Sponsors, Odell Brewing, we were asked to pass on this employment opportunity to our membership. Note that you have to apply soon as the deadline is coming up quickly!

We have many members that are capable of doing a great job with Odell. It's a very exciting opportunity!

Submit resume and cover letter with Phoenix in the subject line

to: Application deadline is December…


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2013 Board
Blockbuster Beer Deal Is No Go

ASH Brothers and Sisters:

This has been a long and interesting story. Many of you are aware that there was a deal in place to have between 1400 and 1500 cases of Guinness Black Lager donated to the Arizona Society of Homebrewers. As of 12 hours ago, everything was in place to have the beer delivered to Tempe Kiwanis Park for our Oktoberfest. 
Friends. …

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2012 Board
September 2012 Hot Break

Read It Here

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August 2012 Hot Break

The 2012 August Hot Break newsletter can be found here.

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2012 Board
June 2012 Hot Break

June 2012 Hot Break, get it here.

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May General Meeting Recap

The meeting kicked off promptly at 7 PM with a calibration beer generously offered by newer member, Scott Plachecki. The Southern English Brown, though tasty was deemed too dry and nutty for the style. For a Southern English Brown's sweetness and dark fruit flavors a higher mash temperature was suggested (158). A closer look at water chemistry was suggested as well as the minerals added could…


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May 2012 Hot Break

Check out the latest Hot Break here.

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It Is All About the Secondary

A highly competitive activity such as racing, in any form, being first is the right goal. You do not see many champion sprinters brag about their fourth place ribbons, but with most things there is a flip side. What if that fourth place finish for that champion sprinter landed him or her a spot on their country’s Olympic team? Ask Alan Sheppard if he would have traded places with John Glenn in the Mercury Program. Ask any United States Marine if he or she likes being the point man. Sometimes…


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2012 Committees

This is a list of committees for 2012. All ASH members are welcomed and encouraged to join a committee. Let us know in the comments what group you want to join.…


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January 2012 Hot Break

Read it here.

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2013 Board
2012 Discount Card Contest

Contest #1

The first person to earn $30 in discounts will have their membership reimbursed ($25 or $30 depending on when you paid). Here are the rules.

1. You can only earn $3 per location.

2. You can only use each location one time.

3. You must have receipts.

4. What does first mean? The first person to post photographic evidence of their receipts in the comments of this post or physically hand the receipts to me.

5. Very important. You must have… Continue

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November 2011 Hot Break

Is here

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Help with a beer

Just finished a new batch that was my first all grain and first IPA.

Due to improper equipment I managed to get the right hoppy flavor I was looking for, but hardly any maltyness. 


Would adding a maltier beer to the contents of my corny keg help or be a disaster?  Or should I just dump what I have. 


Your suggestions are welcome.

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