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We are who we are, not because of our name, but for what we do.
We did it! 
We poured "hefferwizers".
We explained why there was no Miller Lite. We served the lightest beer, the darkest beer, the closest thing to another beer, the hoppiest beer, that Santan beer and also just a beer.
We poured all of the kegs and when they were gone we switched to cans!
We shut down two booths and a truck before it got dark and we re-grouped and fought on!
We we courteous and helpful when the customers were confused and uninformed. 
We figured it out. We solved problems. We made the best of it.

We were homebrewers. That's how we do it.

I have never been so proud of all of us.

If you have any input on how we can make the next volunteer event better, (we can make it better) please email Kat or myself 

Thank you again!


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